• The GreenPoint Rated label is the mark of quality for green home upgrades. It verifies that the home upgrade was installed according to proven green standards, and can improve the property value at time of sale. When you participate in GreenPoint Rated, the home gets points for green home improvements. To ensure that every GreenPoint Rated home is healthy and efficient from the inside out. 

    Home improvement categories include:

    ENERGY EFFICIENCY: including high efficacy lighting, insulation, optimized
    heating and cooling.

    RESOURCE CONSERVATION: including the use of materials with recycled content or sustainably harvested materials.

    INDOOR AIR QUALITY: including healthier materials and optimal ventilation.

    WATER CONSERVATION: including high efficiency toilets and drought resistant landscaping.

    When your home earns the required minimum point values, it is awarded the
    GreenPoint Rated label. The Whole House label recognizes green building best practices for a large renovation, gut remodel, or cumulative improvements made over time. A home with this label has significantly better energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact compared to homes of a similar vintage.

    BONUS on Both Labels | LA County Only. Los Angeles County residents participating in this program will also receive a complete waiver of the GreenPoint Rated processing fee (a $400 value!) Learn more about the green label rebate program at greenpointrated.com/.    Note: more detailed information can be found by clicking the side bar "Build It Green" tab

GreenPoint Rated Existing Home  
Q: What is GreenPoint Rated?
A: GreenPoint Rated is a credible third party rating system administered by
Build It Green, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote healthy and efficient homes in California. GreenPoint Rated provides an independent assessment of a home across five categories: Community Design, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality/ Health, Resource Conservation, and Water Conservation. It offers a trustworthy consumer label that verifies the green features in a home.

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